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From Laptop To Camera

Whether your camera is a Smartphone or DSLR, a Compact or Mirrorless model, you will learn to gain control of exposure and understand fundamentals of composition while exploring documentary and creative concepts to make the kinds of photographs you have always wanted.

Photography Fundamentals

This course provides practical instruction in the fundamentals of analog and digital SLR and medium/large format camera operation, film exposure and development, black and white darkroom techniques, digital imaging, and studio lighting.

Post-Production And Specific Techniques

A detailed series of video-lectures from Adobe on how to effectively use their Lightroom software to do everything from importing images to adding special effects and printing.

Learn How To Use Light Correctly

Rim Light

Rim lighting is where the light hits the subject at an angle, such that it creates highlights along the edges of your subject. This highlights the shape of your subject and it’s a great technique to use to separate your subject from the background.

Butterfly light

This technique is named for the distinctive shadow it creates below the nose of your subject. You set this up by placing the light in front of and above your subject. It will create a small butterfly-shaped shadow under their nose.


Backlighting is just what it sounds like–the light source is behind your subject. It can be used to create silhouettes, or you can combine it with certain atmospheric conditions–like fog–to get more dramatic images.

This Is What Hanisstory Courses Are Like

Expert Instructors
Each instructor teaches only what she/he does best, conveying true passion and excellence in every lesson.
Learn From The Best
Learn valuable methods and techniques explained by top experts in the creative sector.
Professionally Developed Courses
We selected top creatives and a team of experts to develop the courses. The result? You'll feel like you're working side by side with leading professionals.


Jeanne Pitt

a professional photographer and editor

With topics ranging from digital photography basics to advanced manual photography to macro photography, Hanisstory online courses will teach you the stuff that really matters to becoming a better photographer. Hanisstory photography courses are structured for beginners and span the entire spectrum of learning photography from mastering your camera, understanding lighting, and composition and learning how to edit and organize like a pro.

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