About Part 3


Part 3:  Life on the Way


hanis-backpackI embrace quiet domesticity,
receive unexpected news,
handle it badly, go on the lam,
land on my feet,
make the best of my latest situation, all the while
inwardly preparing for
Destiny to track me down.



Chapter 13:  Life on Centauri IV

13.a     Centauri IV:  An Official Introduction for the Recently Arrived
13.b     Centauri IV:  An Unofficial History
13.c     I Become a “Mother”
13.d     Observations and Insights
13.e     Nada
13.f     I do something I’m not proud of
13.g     Puff, the Magic Cat-Dog


Chapter 14:  Things Fall Apart

14.a     Small acquisitions, small pleasures
14.b     The Unwelcome Inconceivable
14.c     Off the Rails
14.d     Apparently, I’m only Human
14.e     Judgment Day
14.f      Unintended Consequences
14.g     Flight Risk


Chapter 15:  Outpost

15.a     Offloaded
15.b     I land on my feet after all
15.c     Feels like home to me
15.d     Three men and a bar
15.e     Dances with Klingons
15.f      Crying over spilled beer
15.g     A gift from Samir


Chapter 16:  The Call

16.a     Disturbances in the Force Field
16.b     Eruptions
16.c     Small, dark-haired Ghosts
16.d     Interference and Interventions
16.e     The time has come, the Walrus said…


Chapter 17:   In which many things fall in place

17.a     Where I ended up
17.b     …and know it for the first time…
17.c     I am drafted
17.d     Provisioned, through unexpected means
17.e     I did not see this coming
17.f     Now what? or, oh Frabjous Day!