About Part 2


Part Two:  Life in Space


hanis-backpackI find myself two centuries and
many light years from where I started.
Bonds are formed, adventures go awry,
and irrevocable choices are made.
If you thought this was just another chick-lit tale,
read on.



Chapter 6:  Time Warp

6.a     Safe landing.  Aftermath
6.b    Some things don’t change.  Some do
6.c    Cause or effect?
6.d    I just go where I’m told
6.e    In with the In Crowd
6.f     Mr. Spock does some re-wiring
6.g    Modern marvels


Chapter 7:  Conversations

7.a    Conversations with myself, part 1
7.b    Jim gets chatty
7.c    In which I talk to trees
7.d    Conversational and other dodges
7.e    Conversations with myself, part 2

8.         Detour

8.a    In which I am drafted
8.b    Down the rabbit hole
8.c    I get a real bad feeling
8.d    She did what?!
8.e   Diplomatic & other disasters


9.         The Incident

9.a    You want the good news or the bad news?
9.b    Vagina dialogues
9.c    Point of no return
9.d    Now, Voyager
9.e    skin and Bones
9.f     Foreign bodies


10.      I Attempt to Make Sense of Things  

10.a    And then…
10.b    Obfuscations, evasions and lies
10.c    Loose ends
10.d   You show me yours, I’ll show you mine
10.e    I come clean and wheels start to turn


11.      Sightseeing on Vulcan  

11.a    In the land of the stone-faced
11.b    Woman talk
11.c     An unexpected visitor
11.d    Wherever you go, there you are
11.e    Cumulative effects
11.f     I am forced to revise certain assumptions


12.      A Chapter on Chapter Closings

12.a    I land a job and ease toward the door
12.b    The last of several things